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About Jennifer Grace- The Trainer

My name is Jennifer Grace Martinez, and I am a fitness professional, artist, and writer based out of Carmel, NY.  I am a cancer survivor, an anxiety over-comer, and a mother of two, with a passion for helping families live their healthiest lives.  I offer Mobile Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, exercise classes, Mommy and Me music and fitness classes, and Yoga in and around Putnam, Dutchess, Westchester, and Fairfield Counties.  I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM).  I am a Certified Yoga Instructor (Lotus Gardens Yoga Studio, Sherman, CT). I am certified in CPR/AED for both children and adults.  Most importantly, I am a woman who fully understands how important physical activity, and proper nutrition are for our overall well-being, and long-term health.

Real-World Knowledge

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Being a cancer survivor, I have experienced being a young, physically-fit person in an athletic body, being in a mother’s body (twice over), being sedentary and in pain for many years, and now living in a body that is forever changed after the ravages of cancer and chemotherapy… but thriving, nonetheless.  I remember what it felt like as a young, strong individual to want to push myself to the limit and be athletically superior to my peers.  I also understand the struggles of arthritis, full-body pain and inflammation, living with asthma and other issues, and the need for modified exercises that are more in-line with my current abilities, and will not cause lasting pain after activity.  This real-world knowledge, paired with my rigorous training with NASM, as well as my Yoga Teacher training, helps me to feel confident in my ability to train people with different abilities.  I can not only help those who have goals which include increased muscle size, plyometric training, and overall increased athletic ability, but I am also confident in my ability to train people who have never exercised before, or who have been sedentary for a long time.

Your Health is Your Wealth


With healthcare costs soaring, and the chance of cancer being 1 in 2 Americans, it is more important than ever for people to take control of their health. Rather than paying for medical bills and having to go through life-altering diagnosis later in life, it is important to invest in your health now.  Eating organic, nutritious foods, using chemical-free home cleaners and personal care items, and exercising, are all ways to not only improve your quality of life, but also save you money in healthcare costs, medications and co-pays in the future.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to be highly beneficial in a person’s overall well-being and in the prevention of disease.  There are an abundance of benefits linked to daily exercise. Here are 10 benefits of exercise for your consideration:

10 Benefits of Exercise (Scientifically-based)

  1. Reduces risk for Cancer
  2. Reduces Inflammation
  3. Reduces risk of developing Diabetes
  4. Reduces risk of Heart Attack or Stroke
  5. Helps to treat and prevent Depression
  6. Slows the Aging process
  7. Reduces risk of Dementia
  8. Helps to prevent Osteoporosis
  9. Helps to prevent and decrease symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  10. Reduces risk of falling which can help to prevent Hip Fractures in seniors.

Exercise is important to maintain a good quality of life.  The old adage, “Health is Wealth” really is true.  Invest in your health now and decrease your risk of high medical bills in the future, thereby increasing your potential to live a long, happy and healthy life.

What makes NASM Personal Trainers Different

NASM textbook

I chose to get my Personal Training certification through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM) for a variety of reasons.  NASM is an accredited institution and has been a leader in the fitness industry for decades.  The NASM CPT certification is a rigorous program that is highly respected and most importantly, scientifically based.  NASM CPT’s are trained to work with clients of many abilities; from the sedentary office worker, to people engaging in athletic competition.



Avoiding Injury using NASM’s Scientific Approach to Training

NASM CPT’s are taught to train using five levels of training within the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model, beginning with the Stabilization endurance level, and progressing through Strength endurance, Hypertrophy (muscle building), Maximal Strength, and finally, Power (development of speed and power).

Training using the OPT model, reduces the chance of injury that can occur during training, by making sure that the stabilization muscles of the body are strong enough to support activity.  Focus is placed on strengthening the core musculature, balance, flexibility, cardio-vascular training, strength training (which increases bone density), and plyometrics.  By ensuring that the stabilization muscles are strong before engaging in more strenuous activity, we can ensure that the body is properly aligned during exercise, and that the correct prime mover muscles are being used during each exercise.  The stabilization level along with flexibility training can help prevent injury during and after exercise.  This is important as injuries can halt the training process (in addition to reducing the quality of life). The goal is to develop SAFE and effective programs for the client that are consistent and can be followed long term.

Individualized Training Programs

A personal trainers’ primary function is to design both safe and effective training programs.  These programs are individualized to meet the goals and specific needs of each client.  This is achieved by using a

Woman crunchesscientifically based program using the OPT model which traditional training programs do not use.  NASM CPT’s are taught to design personalized exercise plans that are progressive, systematic, and integrated.  The manipulation of key variables within the training program are used to achieve optimal gains in strength, hypertrophy and performance.


Training in Unstable Environments

stability ball

It is important that all clients, regardless of ability, to train in proprioceptively enriched environments, which simply means unstable, yet controlled.  Training in more unstable environments strengthens the stabilization muscles of the body, helps us to gain neuromuscular efficiency, and help us to move in our everyday environments with greater ability. This can not only improve our function in activities of daily living, but can enhance clients in more advanced, athletic training programs.

A Compassionate Working Relationship

It is important for me, as a personal trainer to not only provide safe, individualized, training programs that can be followed long term, but also to develop a healthy working relationship with each client.  As with any relationship, it is imperative that as the trainer, I actively listen to the needs of each client.  This is of the utmost importance to me, and I treat each relationship with a client with integrity, compassion, and the respect it deserves.

Older woman weight training


Preparing for our Sessions



I interview every prospective client, and document what their needs are with respect to training.  I also attempt to decipher a client’s sense of commitment.  I would only like to work with motivated clients.  It is important that any person willing to invest in the cost of personal training achieves his or her goal at the end of the training program.  This success, however, does not only rely on an effective training program, but on the commitment level of each client.


Although the benefits of physical activity is widely acknowledged in the scientific community, so is adhering to a diet that is high in nutrients.  Basic nutritional recommendations will be made, and a referral to a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist can be made upon request.  Having nutritious meals and drinking plenty of water is necessary to achieve optimal results in any training program.  The human body needs adequate nutrition to repair itself.









Fitness Assessment: Questionnaire’s

Next, a fitness assessment will be done.  This includes a health screening. The health screening includes a variety of questionnaires which can be printed and filled out at the leisure of the client or can be filled out in person during the fitness assessment session.  These questionnaires include:

  1. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  2. A General Health History Form
  3. A Medical History Form which includes past injuries, surgeries, and medications.


Medical Release Form

  1. A Medical Release Form from the Doctor may be requested. It is imperative that SAFETY is our number one priority.

The Assessment continues with:


Objective Information to be obtained:

  1. Taking of the Pulse
  2. A Body Composition Assessment
  3. Circumference Measurements
  4. Body Mass Index

Cardiorespiratory Assessments:

  1. The YMCA 3-Minute Step Test and/or
  2. The Rockport Walk Test

Posture and Movement Assessments (based on ability):

  1. Observation of static postures
  2. Overhead Squat Assessment (which allows me to see what the overactive and under-active muscles are, so that we can lengthen the overactive muscles and strengthen the under-active ones).
  3. Single Leg Squat Assessment (based on ability)
  4. Pushing Assessment
  5. Pulling Assessment

Performance Assessments (For clients who are interested in improving athletic performance), may include:

  1. Push-Up Test
  2. Davies Test
  3. Shark Skill Test

Individualized Exercise Program is Developed

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Once all the Assessments have been completed, and the proper forms received, an individualized exercise program based on the results of the tests and our conversations will be created.  The goal is to not only implement an effective program which will produce results, but also to create an enjoyable one!  For a program to be adhered to long-term, the client must make a contribution in creating it in order to ensure that the many of the activities are enjoyable for that individual.  Exercise and/or meal and water intake journals may also be used as the use of these has been shown to augment success in any training program.

Commitment = Results

Older woman yoga

It is recommended that clients train for a minimum of twice a week, and train for at least a 3-month period in order to progress through the different levels of training and achieve optimal results.


Mobile Personal Training Session:

(Rates are subject to change dependent upon mileage)

1 Hour In-Your-Home or Office Corrective Exercise/Personal Training Session or Assessment: $99

(2-3 sessions per week, for a duration of 3 months is recommended).

Small Group Training can be done at your request to split the cost.

Yoga Session:

$60+ per hour

Mommy and Me

$80 per hour, split among clients.

Cancelation Policy: 24 hour notice must be given prior to session time, or half of the session fee will be charged, unless there is an emergency. Let us all please be considerate of one another. 

Call Me to Book Your First Session!

Please do not hesitate to call me at 845-363-8282 to speak with me.  I look forward to getting to know you a bit better and helping you to achieve your health and fitness related goals!  It’s time to be your best self!

Assessment or Session

Assessment or Session by a Corrective Exercise Specialist.


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