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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website! Would you consider making a donation? Being bed-ridden due to having been misdiagnosed for two years, and then starting chemotherapy for cancer (Lymphoma) 3 months after giving birth to my son, my body has never been the same. As a result, it has not only been difficult to take care of my children, husband, and home, but also to make any substantial income. I am passionate about creating content that will be helpful to our readers on this website, and getting my Christian Children's book, Jasmine! published and into the hands of children around the world. God put that story in my heart to write, and I am certain it will make a difference in the lives of somebody. Cancer ravaged my body, our family, and our bank accounts, and we are on the path towards healing with the help of God. However, we have been left with debt that includes 41K+ for student loans. Any help you can give would help to support our family and my work, and would lessen our burdens. We would be so grateful for any help! Thank you so much for even considering making a donation. God bless you and your family! 🙂
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